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Graphically illustrating the impact of HIV and ARVs

Graph showing a significant dip in life expectancy for some African countries. Coincides with the rise of HIV/AIDS

Recently someone posted this graph on Reddit. It’s an incredible illustration of the impact of HIV/AIDS on some African countries. Correlation isn’t the same as causation, but it isn’t much of a stretch to conclude that the vicious dips in life expectancy are a result of HIV and AIDS.

In the comments section of the Reddit post (always useful to read) someone posted a link to Gapminder (Gapminder are the famous animated bubbles graphing guys) showing more recent data.

It seems that in recent years the graphs have swerved back upward again as ARV’s and more effective AIDS prevention are rolled out.

Graph showing the rise in life expectancy that coincides with the roll out of ARVs and better HIV prevention

OkCupid statistics on older women

OkCupid is a large online dating website. They therefore have a lot of data relating to interesting subjects.

Their blog, OkTrends, is dedicated to showing statistical analyses of various parts of their dataset. It’s fascinating reading and I highly recommend it.

The latest post is about the merits of older women and includes a lot of interesting graphs.

This graph shows the oldest and youngest women that men claim they are interested in as they get older.

  • Men are only ever willing to consider women slightly older than themselves
  • As they grow older men are interested in relatively younger and younger women

Graph showing the ages of women acceptable to men as they age

This graph, by contrast, shows the ages of women that men actually try to chat up on the website.

  • Men are actually sending messages to women much younger than their supposed youngest acceptable
  • By far the most messages are going to very young women

The ages of women that men actually send messages to as they age

This is the same for women.

  • Women are also interested in men younger than they say they are
  • Women are less age sensitive than men

The ages of men that women actually send messages to as they age

Even more interesting are the vertical color changes. For example, as soon as women turn 20 it seems that they suddenly feel comfortable contacting much older men.

The same thing happens again when women turn 29. At 28 women send plenty of messages to young men (19 or 20) and almost none to men over 42.

But when they turn 29 women suddenly send almost no messages to men under 22 but start sending many more messages to men in their 40’s and early 50’s.

The benefits of older women

The blog then goes on to sing the praises of older women.

Older women are cheekier when it comes to sex (several more graphs on the site):

Women enjoy sex more and more as they age

Older women are also more comfortable with themselves (again more graphs on the site):

Women also become more and more confident as they age

There is a lot more information and many more graphs (including several interactive ones) on the actual blog. I recommend taking a look.