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Why red wine doesn’t go with seafood

One of the first things that I learned when I was a waiter in a seafood restaurant is that red wine doesn’t go with fish.

Why that was, I had no idea. It turns out that nobody else did either.

The Economist has this article detailing how some researchers were able to find the answer.

In an experiment the researchers analyzed wines tasted with seafood and found that wines with high iron content left an unpleasant taste. Generally red wines have a higher iron content and therefore don’t taste good with seafood.

In order to test the hypothesis the researchers changed the iron content in various wines and repeated the test. Sure enough iron content was strongly correlated with a foul taste.

Science is awesome. I must be honest though – I don’t mind red wine with seafood. Apparently the combination tastes very fishy and I like that taste.

No chocolate in a Chomp


There is no chocolate in a Cadburys Chomp.

Check for yourself. According to the wrapper a Chomp is: “Delicious Wafer Biscuit and Caramel covered in a Chocolate Flavoured Coating”.

A little research revealed that Chomps are coated in a substance known as compound chocolate. Compound chocolate is basically a cheaper and easier alternative to the real deal.

In fact, a little more Googling reveals that Chomps are really bottle of the barrel stuff. This article from “The Chocolate Blog” made me feel cheap for liking Chomps…