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Why you shouldn’t use Internet Explorer

Comparison of IE9 with Firefox

The history of web browsers is actually quite interesting. Back in the distant past the two big players were Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Microsoft won that particular battle in the late 90’s by bundling IE with Windows. Effectively most people came to think of the internet as IE.

After destroying the competition Microsoft simply stopped developing IE and we were stuck with the pile of trash that is Internet Explorer 6.

Luckily today we have excellent alternatives, most notably in Firefox and (my recommendation) Google Chrome. Faced with competition and plummeting market share Microsoft are now desperately trying to catch up. But they are still miles behind.

A Firefox developer recently released a comparison of Firefox with the newest version of Internet Explorer, IE9 which is due to be released later this year. The comparison shows that even the upcoming IE9 is way behind Firefox in terms of features.

Google Chrome is even better than Firefox! It is faster, more stable, and has more features.

Despite all this, too many people still use Internet Explorer! You can do better. The internet can be faster, easier and safer so easily.

You shouldn’t use Internet Explorer.