Congratulations on the box office record

It seems that for decades the world’s most successful directors have been taking out full-page ads to congratulate each other on records.

When Star Wars beat Jaws for the box office record Spielberg took out this ad congratulating George Lucas.

The tradition is explained in this Reddit comment:

“Later, after ET retook the record, Lucas ran an ad with R2D2 putting a crown on ET’s head.

Then in 1997 when the Star Wars Special Edition regained top-grossing spot, Spielberg’s congratulatory ad showed a long line of movie characters with R2D2 zipping past to the front of the line.

This ad of ET returning the crown to R2D2 fits in there somehow as well. I hadn’t heard of this one before toefer dug it up.

I guess it’s time for Jim Cameron to run an ad congratulating himself for beating his own record.”

This is my favorite version – the congratulations sent from Lucas to Cameron when Titanic took over the record.