Marie Claire extra-naked issue

Marie Claire SA just love what they call “The Naked Issue”. They get South African celebrities to pose naked in order to “raise awareness” for various charities.

I’m sure that it doesn’t hurt sales either.

My wife took one look at this image in the latest edition and said in a sympathetic voice “Oh no”. I thought the picture looked great so I asked her what could possibly be wrong.

Jules is a graphic designer and a perfectionist, so she noticed immediately that some poor designer had cut off Jeannie’s tummy. She pointed out that something looked funny about the stomach.

Even I could see (once shown) that the designer who cut off the tummy took things a little too far and chopped off some thigh at the same time.

It’sĀ embarrassingĀ for Jeannie D, but I strongly suspect that Jules was feeling sorry for the designer. And the editor that signed off the image.

This kind of mistake is Julie’s nightmare!

We all know that these images are retouched. But something like this just puts it right in your face. For instance, now I looked more closely and I strongly suspect that some of her bum has also been removed.

It all seems a little silly in the edition that is supposed to be natural.

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  • alistairpott

    Edited to remove references to “paunch” which I believe is unfair.

  • Vanessa Raphaely

    Thanks for pointing this out Alistair.
    No, really, thanks!
    It's a fail, but not a retouching one…it's a deep etching mistake.
    The MC team decided to deep etch to use a brighter, perkier background (and NOT to make a perkier backside!) than the grey that Jeannie was originally shot against.
    But still, not good enough.
    Will definitely try to do better next time.
    For a full explanation
    All the best

  • Devon Jordaan

    Really is Horribly done