Power Balance is rubbish

I’ve been coming across Power Balance bracelets more and more often.

Power Balance Wrist Band

These bracelets use a special hologram (or sometimes quantum effects) to “restore your body’s electrical balance, promoting a free exchange of positive and negative ions and align your body’s energy pathways.”

They instantly provide: “Faster synaptic response (brain function), enhanced muscle response (in both fast and slow twitch tissues), increased stamina (better oxygen uptake and recovery), more flexibility (faster recovery) and vastly improved gravitational balance.”

All for only R495!

Sound to good to be true. It is.

The thing is that the salesmen have some really cool “tests” that illustrate the effects of the bracelet. The tests are well done and when administered by an enthusiastic salesman they are quite tempting.

Power Balance test

Double Blinds

Since hearing about this miracle product I have wanted to see the results of a double blind test.

In a double blind neither the tester nor the subject knows if the real product is used or some other fake is used. If the product really works then there should still be benefits even when the testers and subjects don’t know the product is being used.


Over the xmas holidays I was lucky enough to come across someone with the product. I immediately made myself seem geeky by enthusiastically explaining double blind tests and then conducting them.

The results were pretty predictable. You can also watch a video showing similar tests debunking the bracelets.

No effect whatsoever.

Power Balance is just an expensive placebo. Just believing that something has an effect often causes the effect! Amazing actually.

In fact, I’ve previously blogged that more expensive placebos are more effective! These are very expensive, so they must work! Right?

Breaking the spell

Now for the really interesting part. Even if it was just a placebo effect, the guy who I was testing this with really believed that there was an effect.

By illustrating that it was a fake I broke the placebo effect. So I broke his Power Balance…

  • ModernPhilosopher.com

    Although i do not know what your on, on where you are buying your medicines, know this. The people who created PB are making millions off the placebo effect which in itself is disturbing. I do not like the idea of someone getting rich for a piece of plastic strapped to a rubber band which was probably created for under one dollar, maybe even less, and all it took was the faith or the wearer to really make it sell. Thats whats irritating me.

  • ModernPhilosopher.com

    Modern medicine may not work on everybody but at least there is some scientific proof which backs up that claim, on the other hand there is nothing to back up the power balance effect which is basically the “retarded people” effect.

  • Gianlucaabad

    What i find most disturbing is that people are making millions because they are fueled by idiots who would believe anything thats thrown at them. You can hand someone a “magical rock” for all i care and still get the same results.

  • Pancakeanims

    Nothing in what you are saying is backed up by CONCRETE EVIDENCE. Alistairpott is backed up with legit research and real experiments and tests. There is nothing to take your word upon.

  • Pancakeanims

    What i do not like about this is that people are making millions off the beliefs and faiths of others.

  • bmgb

    that bracelet crap is totally fake.. its just a silicone rubber band with a plastic thing stuck in the middle… thats bullshit… period!
    instead why dont yall that bought this.. go and hit the gym.. or even better.. if you cant hit the gym exercise at home.. or do jogging.. thats a good way to start improving ur body without this fraudy piece of useless silicon…

  • Qinjo

    I desiccated mine. Guess what! Nothing magical inside.

  • Twirler Sftballgrl77

    my friend just bought one and i told him they were stupid…but he wouldn’t listen

  • Signmeupmaing

    Weird… I’m a skeptic… but i can’t help but notice some unexplainable effects.  before someone did the test on me… so that I wouldn’t know first hand of the effects, i tested it on a few people who had never heard of the power bracelet.

    the results… all 4 people had significantly improved balance… and their comments were all the same. It just felt like I had better balance… like all of a sudden the muscles in my body worked better.

    Then I had it done on me… and exactly the same thing.  

    I’m still a skeptic because there’s no “makes sense” explanation to it.. but I can’t deny what I felt, and what I saw in 4 other people who didn’t even know what the thing was for, or what it was supposed to do.

  • Mah_hmoud

    I think, it works but in a wrong way as it decrease or vanish the electric signal created by organs, so it is not good to handle or wear it all the time due to the following:
    1- Pain itself is a great gift from God, because it works like an alert to discover or feel that there is a problem.
    2- vanishing or decreasing the electric signal leads to do more effort without feeling pain and the extra efforts may be done with damaged organs like a weak muscle.
    3- the magnetic field created by power balance may affect the heart or any other not controlled organ.
    At the end, I think we can use it temporary and after checking doctor at urgent matters to reduce great pain….