Tell people to vote against the ANC

It seems to be established that you shouldn’t tell people who to vote for.


You should vote DA or COPE.

There. I said it… Whatever you do, vote against this guy and his party.


It’s true that you shouldn’t intimidate or force people to vote your way. But, in my opinion, you should try to persuade them to vote the right way. That’s democracy.

It’s their vote, but your responsibility to get them to use it wisely!

The ANC are a corrupt, inept and dangerous in government. However, because of our country’s history the ANC are assured of an election victory again.

There are several reasons why you should still vote against the ANC:

  1. To stop them from getting a 66% majority! That would allow them to change our constitution – something they have already threatened to do
  2. To make your voice heard against the corrupt and inept government of the ANC. Votes against the ANC won’t be ignored forever
  3. In some towns and provinces the opposition has a very good change of winning control from useless ANC local or provincial government

As for which opposition party to vote for, choose one that has policies you agree with. Surely you can’t agree with the ANC and their policies? They are nowhere near the party they once were.

I have strong feelings on who you should vote for – suffice it to say that if you vote DA or COPE you are doing your country a favor.

Make sure that you get out there and vote accordingly. And tell other people to do the same.