Atheist Bus Campaign

Recently in London an evangelical Christian group ran a campaign of bus adverts for their website which claims that: all non-Christians will burn in hell for eternity.

Don’t be shocked. This is of course what should be believed by those who take the bible literally. (If you don’t then what makes you think you can pick and choose which parts you like!)

In response a British writer (Ariane Sherine) launched a campaign to run a positive ‘atheist’ bus campaign. The public pledged over £140,000 in support and now that campaign is a serious reality.

Buses all over Britain now display this message:

Atheist Bus Campaign

Nice. I like it. Catchy, friendly. Good stuff.

There has been quite a lot of debate about the use of the word “probably”. They went with “probably” because

  1. They wanted to keep the campaign light-hearted.
  2. More importantly atheists shouldn’t say that there is no God – you can’t prove that. They say there is “almost certainly no God” – which isn’t quite as catchy.

You can learn more on the campaign website FAQ or on the Wikipedia article