The old ‘better than’ trick

The old ‘better than’ trick is a favorite of mine. Whenever I find myself using a product/restaurant/program/website/etc I pop over to Google and search for

‘better than [product]’

Going through the results pages will often reveal that there is a better product out there.

For example I just bought a Garmin heart rate monitor/GPS. After using the default software (Training Center) that comes with the device for a while I was thoroughly unimpressed and figured there must be a better alternative.

So I searched for ‘better than training center’ . After going through a few results I found the superb SportTracks software which is MILES better than Training Center and is also free.

Obviously this trick works better for some kinds of products (e.g. software) than others – but it is normally worth a try.

The same kind of trick can be modified using things like:

  • reminds me of ‘lord of the rings’
  • sounds like nirvana
  • similar to cape town