First run with my Garmin Forerunner

I tried out my new Garmin Forerunner heart rate monitor last night. I went for a quick run around the neighborhood and then uploaded the run onto my laptop. Pretty impressive.

I purposefully ran along the same road twice but on different sides of the road. The results easily show that my route used different sides of the road.

I started my run at one end of our ‘driveway’ and ended it at the other end (about 15m apart). Not only did the results show a clear difference between the two points, but also that there is an altitude difference of a couple meters!

This morning I uploaded the route onto and was pretty pleased with the results. You can view an interactive version of the map on their site (no heart rate and speed information though).

The route of my first run using the Garmin Forerunner

Can’t wait to get into the mountains this weekend.