Obama is about promise McCain about Country

Wired has this interesting article showing word clouds of the different speeches at the recent Democratic and Republican conventions. Basically words used most often are largest in word clouds – they make an interesting way of seeing what was spoken about. For instance this is a word cloud for Michelle Obama’s speech about her husband. Predictably the word ‘Barack’ is most common but the words ‘work’, ‘people’ and ‘like’ are common too.

Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic conventionMichelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic convention

Check out the article for the other word clouds, below I have listed the speakers and their most common words. Pretty interesting.

  • Hillary Clinton: America, going, Obama
  • Joe Biden: Barack, Obama, change, John
  • Barack Obama: promise, America, McCain
  • John McCain: country, Americans, fight
  • George W. Bush: John
  • Sarah Palin: America, country, McCain