More about how Tom Cruise is going to save us all

Here is a link to some more of these scientology videos about and from Tom Cruise. From what I can make out, they are deadly serious clips from the Scientology awards where Tom Cruise was awarded the “IAS Freedom Medal of Valor”. I can see why he likes this stuff so much. Basically, he believes that he above all others sees the world for what it really is and is going to save us all.

In the first clip there is some ramble from the presenter who then introduces Tom Cruise. He talks about how the world is going down hill because the masses are so deluded. How the government is covering all this up to keep the masses down. And then: “But there’s someone on the other side of the global arena. Someone advancing Scientology on a truly epic scale – to a very different future. And he is Class 4, OT7, Platinum Meritorious and IAS Freedom Medal of Valor winner – Tom Cruise, the greatest movie star in the world.”

Thank God for Tom Cruise!

Part 2 talks about how Tom Cruise personally saved firefighters and police at ground zero after 9-11. He realized that there was a “deadly toxin” in the air (which the government was covering up). So he personally organized a “purification program” which saved the lives of those exposed to the toxin. From the video it looks like the “victims” got free saunas.

Thank you Tom. You are a true hero.

From clip 3: “Night after night, city by city, through 18 and 20 hour days, Tom Cruise travels this world meeting with ministers, ambassadors and the American State Department. Advancing LRH technology straight into the corridors of power. His presence alone opens the door for [Scientology’s] expansion.”

We love you Tom.

Then there is a clip of him accepting his Freedon Medal of Valor: “I think you know that I am there for you. And I do care so very, very much! So what do you say? Do you want to clean this place up?”

Thank you for caring Tom. Please clean this world up for us with your superior knowledge and abilities. Katie must be so proud.

Seriously though – I was left thinking that although completely deluded, Cruise really thinks he is helping people. The thing is that he is actually just selling Scientology to the world. I’m not sure if he does any real good – he just sells his crazy cult.

  • Look who is talking

    Scientology has some crazy beliefs that seem silly to us. But did you consider that the beliefs of mainstream religion are often just as crazy? God impregnated a virgin woman and she gave birth to a human child? A man survived 3 days in the stomach of a whale??

    Religious people should be careful before putting down Scientology because they also make some strange claims. At least scientologists don’t think unbelievers should be killed!