Tom Cruise is going to save us all

Scientology is a strange and secretive cult/religion/business invented by a science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard, in the 50’s. These guys have some seriously wacky beliefs about spirits, psychiatry, medicine, etc. They are also very rich and they play hardball with their critics.

The cult also makes a lot of money. You have to pay to get the different “courses” (which can cost more than $20,000). You have to pay for your membership. Worse than that – you get paid to recruit more members. It’s basically a pyramid scheme.

In fact, there are several witnesses and people who knew Hubbard who claim that he stated on several occasions that the best way to make money is to start a religion.

Anyway, this stuff is crazy and the most famous of the nuts is Tom Cruise. An “indoctrination” video featuring Tom Cruise has been leaked onto the net in which he basically rambles on about how:

  • Only scientologists really know the truth and only they can save the world
  • Scientologists should be completely committed or thrown out. No “spectators”

Basically he, Tom Cruise, is going to use is power to save the rest of us. He would love to go on holiday – but there is so much to do

Just watch his expressions. The way he laughs and rambles so intensely. You can see that he believes these things – and that he is nuts.