Good luck to Chris Comer

Wired has this article about the former Texas science curriculum director, Chris Comer, who was forced to resign after she forwarded a mail announcing a lecture promoting evolution. Her bosses felt that by sending an FYI about the lecture she was showing “insubordination” and therefore needed to go.

It boggles my mind that the people running the science curriculum are not allowed to promote a solid scientific theory/law like evolution. There is a good quote in the article:

  • “Each approach should be fair game for critical analysis, so terminating someone for just mentioning a critic of intelligent design smacks of the dogma and purges in the Soviet era.”

Intelligent design is hogwash and has no place anywhere near scientific education, except as an example of a bad theory. The Texas school board has a long way to go – Mrs Comer you are better off without them over your head.