The religiously sensitive have a go at Gareth Cliff

Gareth Cliff is a “controversial” morning radio presenter in South Africa. He was recently discussing this crazy story about the Sudanese teddy bear circus when he said: “If God is great, why would he be so easily offended by what a mortal man says? If God has such an ego, then he must be petty.”

Large portions of the South African public have now gone nuts and are calling for him to be fired and even fined for his actions. Madness.

I am sick of hearing about this kind of stuff – be confident in your religion. If you don’t agree with Gareth Cliff then don’t listen to his show. Or even, though this never happens, engage him in a logical debate. But he has a right to say what he thinks and that right should be protected.

I often think Mr Cliff is an idiot, but in this case I happen to agree with him. I think it a little strange that people who are so sure of themselves get so easily offended when such mundane questions are asked of them. If you are so sure then just say “‘No, God is not petty.” That should be it!

I know first hand how this plays out too. Yesterday a respected colleague and friend told me that I am “the spawn of evil” when I suggested there is a possibility that there is no God.

We respect your position and you should respect ours.

  • Christoff

    Interesting post. I am also quite upset with this whole Gareth Cliff (awa Deon Maas & The Golden Compass) debacle. Not because of what Gareth said, but the way the public (more specifically, the religious right) acted on it!

    What happened to Free Speech? What happened to people’s intellectual capacity to be able to listen to someone else’s opinion without having to accept it or reacting to it?

    I raised my own thoughts on this topic over at my blog:

    Have a read. Have your say.