Gang-raped woman sentenced to 200 lashes

News24 has this crazy story about a woman in Saudi Arabia who was sentenced to 200 lashes after being gang-raped. She is a 19-year-old who was with an unrelated man when they were abducted by 7 men and she was gang-raped.

Turns out that she copped some of the blame for being alone with an unrelated man in the first place. So the courts sentenced her to 90 lashes and the rapists got jail terms of between 10 months and 5 years. Now the Supreme Judicial Council changed all that: 200 lashes and 6 months in jail for the woman! The men also had their terms extended to 2 to 9 years in jail.

This stuff is sick. I respect that other cultures have different views on things. But I can never and will never respect people who think such a sentence is just. Disgusting.