Racial quotas and the rugby world cup

The Economist has two articles (here and here) about our Rugby World Cup victory and racial quotas in sport. From the article:

  • They think it “pragmatic” to have “brief periods of positive discrimination to jump-start any group that has been racially oppressed for generations and has been unable to achieve its potential.”
  • “But once a big affirmative shove towards greater fairness has been engineered, it is dangerous to perpetuate a system of quotas, racial or otherwise, because it always risks undermining the principle of individual merit.”
  • “Far better for the government to concentrate on investment, training and talent-spotting in poor black schools.”

As far as I am concerned, it is almost always best not to impose quotas on sports. Time and energy should instead be focussed on developing affirmative talent young so that real stars are developed.