The music industry is changing even faster

The music industry is changing. Ever since MP3 files started proliferating the writing has been on the wall. The important changes are:

  • Distribution is now effectively free. No more physical CD’s means getting the music to the fans is easy.
  • Rights protection is basically impossible. Every time the record companies try something, a hacker gets around it.

Record companies didn’t deal with these changes very well and have been fighting hard to stop the world from moving on. However, slowly but surely the industry is changing anyway.


  • Radiohead began the rot when they offered their most recent album directly to fans (via download). You can choose the price!
  • Nine Inch Nails then dumped their record label and will now offer albums direct to the public.
  • Oasis and Jamiqoquai then dumped their record labels.
  • Now Madonna has dropped her label too!