Evernote – great note taking application

This is another great tool that I make heavy use of. Extremely useful if you spend more than a little time on your computer.

They call it “a single place for all your notes”. I think of Evernote as a kind of mind dumping area. Every time I find something that I would like to remember later I create a quick note in Evernote. At a later stage Evernote makes searching for these notes VERY easy to do.

Some examples:

  • I looked up the phone number for a restaurant I wanted to eat at. I made a quick note so that I wouldn’t have to look it up again
  • Every time I see an interesting link that I don’t necessarily want to bookmark I just bomb a note into Evernote
  • I frequently save little snippets of code that I think I am going to re-use in future

Check out the Evernote site for more details. Evernote has plenty of extra features which I dont make use of, but may be interesting to you.