The Table Mountain Challenge – brilliant

On Saturday I took part in the Table Mountain Challenge and it was one of the coolest things that I have ever done. You can check out the route here but basically, the run goes all the way around Table Mountain – 35km. I can’t emphasize enough how cool it was – try to do it if you can.

I took part in a team of 3 with two girls I know from Knysna. I did the third leg which is about 17km with some serious climbing and descending (more info on the race site). We came 87th out of 411 and 4th in our category which was a great achievement considering we had no expectations.

I really enjoyed the run and came away with some awesome memories. The weather was great (overcast but not too cold), the scenery was unbelievable, and the rest of the participants were in high spirits. I enjoy running and I love hiking so I knew that I would enjoy the run, but I was surprised how much I loved it.

My favorite mental image is getting to the top of the mountain at Llundudno corner with a view of the ocean on my left, stunning yellow flowers on the fynbos all around me, and a long line of fellow runners stretching out ahead.

It turns out that I am an OK trail runner too – I came 27th out of 361 for my leg. I beat my target time by 25 minutes!

This pic doesn’t involve me but it shows some of the beautiful scenery we were running through.

  • Sean

    So, where’s the post on Triple Trouble??

  • Alistair

    Yeah, I was meaning to post one on the Triple Trouble. Here is the article about it that mentions us.