Why I don’t like paying car guards (most of the time)

When I was about 5 I decided that I wanted some money of my own. I knew that in order to earn money you have to do hard work so I went out into the garden and worked really hard at climbing around a tree. After about 30 minutes I went inside and told my mom that I had been working really hard and that she should pay me now.

To my dismay the answer was no. Why not? Well she didn’t ask me to climb all over the tree, and my climbing was worth nothing to her – so why should she pay. Good point.

I feel the same way about 95% of car guards. I almost never want them to watch my car, and I almost always think they are adding no value. My car has been broken into while the car guards were right there.

The guys are providing a service I don’t want and expect to be paid for it…

  • Shelley

    Thought about you and this article on Saturday when I parked in Seapoint and a “car guard” with a broken leg on crutches came up to me and said he’d watch my car! Then expected to be paid when I got back!