Cool tools – Launchy

I’m banging away on my computer all day long, so anything that increases my productivity is welcome. Launchy is one of the best programs in that category and I probably use it hundreds of times a day.

Basically, Launchy is a quick program launcher. For instance, if I wanted to open up a new Excel window quickly I would:

  1. Hit control-space to open up the Launchy window
  2. Start typing what I am after and Launchy would guess what it is. In my case ‘ex’ is enough (Launchy learns your favorites)
  3. Hit enter and up comes Excel

That’s 4 keys to open Excel!

Launchy indexes all of the shortcuts in your start menu and on the Desktop. No more scratching through the start menu looking for a shortcut.

You can do all sorts of other clever things with Launchy. Get it to index text files or commonly used Excel files. Index your bookmarks folder for each access to your favorite sites. Make a shortcut to shut down your computer.

It’s one of those programs that just works. It does what you want, it’s quick, it looks good – you will never look back.

  • Rolf

    Launchy seems good, and is also open source. A commonly used tool, Google Desktop, appears to provide the same functionality: ctrl, ctrl to launch the Quick Search Box and .lnk files are included in the index lookup.
    Would be good to here if you find any reasons why one would be preferred over the other.

  • alistair

    There are a few reasons why Launchy is a better solution:
    – Google Desktop provides a lot of other functionality so it’s a resource hog. If you don’t like that functionality (I don’t) then it’s not worth it
    – Because Launchy is developed specifically for this I feel that it does and easier and better job
    – I suspect that Launchy runs faster that G Desktop

    However, if you are using Google Desktop and if it works as you say it does, then you get the same functionality – which is awesome.

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