When a Crocodile Eats the Sun

It seems a little random, but I thought I’d put up quick reviews when I finish interesting books. We’ll see it if lasts.

I just finished reading Peter Godwin’s latest book. His previous book about growing up in Rhodesia, Mukiwa, was really superb – try to get hold of it if you haven’t read it yet.

Mukiwa had a strong focus on what it was like growing up in Rhodesia, so I expected this book to be about what it’s like being in Zim as it falls apart now. There is quite a lot of that, but the book actually has two themes:

  1. It’s mostly the story of the aging and eventual death of Peter’s father who was still living in Zimbabwe. I didn’t expect that, but it is written well and actually fairly powerful.
  2. The decay and collapse of Zimbabwe from the late 90’s to now. I knew all this was happening but it was still interesting to get a well written personal account. Frightening too, considering I live just next door.

Overall a good book. Not nearly as good as Mukiwa but worth while.