Rock paper scissors championships

It seems that some people take rock paper scissors (or as ching-chong-cha as we know it in SA) pretty seriously. ESPN2 televised the US championships last night. There is also quite an extensive site dedicated to the US league.

This is part of an analysis of the final:

In the first set of the finals, Jamie stunned David with a quick two throw victory, with no ties. Jamie made excellent use of the Roshambollah Trap, which posits that a player will not use consecutive identical throws. Thus, after winning with scissors, Jamie threw rock, knowing that he would either tie or win. The second set started with a tied rock before David wisely played paper twice in a row, having learned his lesson in the first set. David wins this time, pushing the match into the third and deciding set. This time, the players tie with rock then scissors, noticeably affecting an already exhausted Borne. After this, Jamie uses a similar one-two punch to take David out in two throws and win the championship with a final throw of paper, a throw he had not used successfully since the round of sixteen.

  • David Cook

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  • Simon

    the Roshambollah Trap:D thats hysterical!

  • alistair

    Dave you need to get in touch with your feminine side