Cat-cam is one of the coolest things I’ve seen

Cat camThis German guy decided to rig a little camera onto the collar of his cat to see what it gets up to:

“I thought about our cat who is the whole day out, returning sometimes hungry sometimes not, sometimes with traces of fights, sometimes he stay also the night out. When he finally returns, I wonder where he was and what he did during his day. This brought me to the idea to equip the cat with a camera. The plan was to put a little camera around his neck which takes every few minutes a picture. After he is returning, the camera would show his day.”

So he got going on his pet project which is now underway. He discusses how he struggled to develop a protective casing for the camera. His first few attempts didn’t work too well:

“This time the part returned – dirty and scratched outside, water inside. What the hell is the cat doing !?”

Eventually he got a working model going and put it onto the cat’s collar:

“The reaction was not very happy but finally accepted.”

Now he has a site up on which he posts pics of his cat’s “trips”. There are some great pics, and some pretty mysterious ones. Also fun captions on each of them. I recommend taking a look.

  • Gail

    This is gorgeous, I love it! I wish I could live for one day in the life of this cat – seems like he has quite a bit of feline fun…

    I see a parralel between the catcam and the guy on the FBI terrorist watchlist who *virtually* lives his life online (excuse the pun :)).

    Your logical next posting will be of a paranoid parent who has designed something like this for his/her child (or even spouse, come to think of it!) Forget Google Street Views – imagine the privacy concerns that something like this would raise. I don’t think it is unforseeable…

  • alistair

    I suppose that we are going down a road to saying that privacy has been violated unless consent is provided.

    For instance, this cat’s privacy has definitely been violated because he had no choice in the matter! Similarly people who pop up on Google Street Views also had no choice in the matter -> privacy violation.

    The alternative extreme says that any information stored about you is a violation of privacy unless you provide consent.

    That in turn would be messy and would hurt innovation. So what should we do?