Artist puts his whole life online for all to see

Wired has an article on this guy who was put onto the FBI’s terrorist watchlist. As a response to the invasion of his privacy he decided to take things to extremes by giving the FBI complete rundown on his daily life.

Every day he posts about 100 photos of everything he does. The toilettes he uses, the food he eats, the rooms he sits in, everything. He also puts his credit card records onto the site so you can see everything he buys. He wears a little GPS tracker so you can see where in the world he is in real-time (currently in New Jersey).  It’s like the ultimate alibi.

It seems bizarre but it is also a commentary (he’s an artist) on the way that modern people have such serious online presences. Between my blog, my Picassa album, and my Facebook account quite a lot of my life is available for examination online. Kinda freaky but I don’t have anything to hide.