An interesting idea on how to read text faster – LiveInk

A group
of scientists
in the US
that they
have a better
way of reading
text online.

They break
the text into
short phrases
like this.

The whole idea behind it is that the human eye didn’t evolve to read blocks of text, so it isn’t necessarily very good at it. Their research findings show that when reading a block of text our area of focus is pretty much circular (see image).

Area of focus when reading

So our brain is getting hit with characters from the lines above and below what we are reading. They reckon this is tiring to the brain and reduces speed and comprehension. Their software analyzes the structure of the sentences and breaks them up into short phrases.

Check out this example on their site.

Now that I think about it, I frequently use bullets and shorter sentences because they are easier to read and understand. I should sue these guys!