My reactions to Cricket World Cup tragedies over the years

Last night South Africa crashed out of yet another Cricket World Cup. In the past I devastated by these world cup exits, but I wasn’t nearly as upset as usual this time around. I think that this was partially due to the fact that it wasn’t a close match, and that we had played badly throughout.

However, I also like to think that my reactions to these tragedies show that I have been maturing.

Devastation after South Africa were bumbed out in 1999When I was 16 in 1999 when we got bumped out of the competition by an ascendant Australia in that match. I still hurt thinking about what could have been if we had won that match.
Reaction – I collapsed onto my couch and cried – and I was upset for months (if not years)

Rain and stupidity ruined us in 2003Then in 2003 we screwed up the rain charts and crashed out in needless fashion – another close one and this time at home. This time I was 20, at university and living in digs.
Reaction – I went out and drowned out my sorrows in a big way.

Compleletly whipped in 2007Now in 2007 we were hammered by a truly awesome Australian outfit. Out team had played badly all tournament and we were well and truly pummelled.
Reaction – I said “Oh, well” carried on with my work, went for a run and then had a lovely dinner with Julie.

The maturing Alistair illustrated through the metranomic tragedies of South Africa at the Cricket World Cup.