Can you say “wrongful imprisonment”

Prison fenceCody Webb, a kid in the states was recently jailed for 12 days because of a bomb threat called in to his school. They nailed him because they had caller ID on the number he called – so they knew that he had called around the time of the threat. So the principal called the guy into the office and asked him his number. When he replied ‘she started waving her hands in the air and saying “we got him, we got him.”’

‘They just started flipping out, saying I made a bomb threat to the school.’ After he protested his innocence, Webb says that the principal said: ‘Well, why should we believe you? You’re a criminal. Criminals lie all the time.’

So, despite the fact that the voice recorded sounded nothing like him, Webb was imprisoned in a juvenile detention facility. 12 days later someone realised that daylight saving had kicked in on the night of the incident and their timing was out by an hour. Webb had called the number a hour before the incident and was actually innocent!

What a hopeless feeling for him. Nobody believed him – not even his own parents. That sucks…