An alarm clock that runs away from you

The Elusive Alarm Clock - it runs away from youThey call it the elusive alarm clock. Hitting snooze once is allowed, but after that the alarm clock literally jumps off the bed-side table and runs away. It looks for a good place to hide and heads off, forcing you to get out of bed and catch the thing to turn off the alarm. This reminds me of a university friend who used to hide a second alarm clock in his cupboard so that he wouldn’t sleep through an exam.

One of the comments on an article about this is: “This might be more practical than strapping my alarm clock to my cat!”

In a similar vein, the alarm clock below is a simulated bomb which must be properly defused to prevent a super loud alarm from sounding. Gets those brains started nice and early.

Alarm clock which forces you to ‘de-fuse the bomb’ to ensure you wake up