Astounding show put on in North Korea

Check out these amazing pics from a performance they put on in North Korea. 100,000 people trained for a year to put on this show – and they have one every year! To celebrate Arirang Festival (The Mass Games) they get all these people into a big stadium with hundreds of dancers on the field putting on an awesome show. The really mad part though, is the backdrop on the other side of the stadium. It is made up an thousands of people holding up cards with different colours – like a picture with human pixels.

The level of detail and synchronisation in incredible and you really have to see this to get the idea. So check out these pics, and if you can I really recommend taking a look at this clip.

Amazing show in North Korea

Amazing show in North Korea


This kind of thing could only be achieved in a totalitarian society like North Korea’s and it really caught my imagination. My first instinct was to think that this was a massive waste of time and resources (North Korea has millions of starving people). But I realised that while these kids (many are school children) were training and working together to produce something incredible, kids in my own society were getting fat on the couch watching mind-numbing TV.

Still, the ability to make our own choices about what we do with our time is an important freedom. We should just make better choices