Cycling the length of Africa – awesome!

A guy I know from Knysna is busy doing something so awesome that I go green with envy just thinking about it. He and a mate are cycling from Morocco, through West Africa, across to East Africa, down through Central Africa, and all the way home to sunny South Africa. His route is about 22,000 km (about 13,600 miles) and they are budgeting on taking about a year.

They started in early February so they are are still (last time he posted to his site) making their way across the Sahara. He has already had some awesome experiences and his stories really tempt me to pack up the corporate life and do something crazy.

Until then I will have to make to with Cecil’s diary and pics. Click to the thumbnails to view higher res images.

Cecil on a windy cliff in Morocco

Dragging his massive pack up a mean hill in the Sahara

Time for some well-earned rest. Somewhere in Morocco

  • Nicci

    THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! I had no idea he was doing this. now stories like that sound so much fun. I know i’ll probably be better off in the long run for the stable and sensible studying decisions that i have made but his biography just sounds so much kewler than mine!!

  • Moritz Wellesiek


    Can I publish your article on my Student website ( in our News Section Please?

    Kind regards.

    Moritz Wellensiek.

  • Alistair

    Go for it Moritz – all I ask is for a link back

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