John McCain’s MySpace page ‘hacked’

John McCain’s MySpace page hackedYou might have heard of MySpace. It’s a social networking site – everyone has their own page and they link to friends’ pages, put up links to other sites, etc, etc. A recent fashion in American politics is to get a MySpace page and then collect as many MySpace friends as possible. All of the presidential hopefuls have MySpace pages – obviously they don’t personally work on them, they pay people to maintain their pages.

The guys who set up John McCain’s page for him just used a template that someone else (Mike Davidson) had designed. They didn’t give Mike credit for the template design even though he had requested it. He didn’t really mind – but he soon realized that the McCain page was loading an image from his own server. This was chewing up his bandwidth and annoyed him, so the time for revenge was at hand.

He replaced the image on his server with a message saying that John McCain had decided to “come out in support of gay marriage… particularly between passionate females.” So until it was spotted, anyone visiting Mr McCain’s MySpace page saw the message. Awesome.

Link to the story on Mike Davidson’s own web site.