The Shower-Curtain Effect

Shower-Curtain EffectQuite often in the past I have noticed that after turning on a shower, the curtain will billow in toward me – infuriatingly. I thought about it and figured that the hot water was heating the air in the shower and causing it to rise. This in turn would create a low pressure causing cool air from outside the shower to blow inwards.

However, this theory fails because the curtain blows in on a cold shower too… So I looked it up and it turns out this is a well known problem. A scientist (David Schmidt of University of Massachusetts) who specialises in fluid dynamics built a computer model of the problem which produced the results seen above.

Basically, the water flow is causing a vortex in the shower which lowers the air pressure and drags in the curtain. The effect isn’t very strong so it is easy overcome by heavier shower curtains.

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